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Gizmos for Visual Debugging
Course Description
When writing tools, a good thing to keep in mind is to give your users feedback, when a particular action has been started, completed, running, by the tool. Using Scene view editor GUI is one great way to provide this feedback to the users of a tool in the Unity Game Engine.
Course Details
Difficulty: Beginner
Category: Tools
Total Lessons: 6
Running Time: 37 minutes 40 seconds
Date: 06/01/14
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Complete Unity package for all course material including project, library, script and asset files. If it's in the video it's in the source files. Isn't it nice to have source!
Course Lessons

1. Setting Up The Dev Environment

Lesson 1, Setting Up The Dev Environment
To get our development environment started, we will want to set up our folder structure and take a look at the scripts we will need to create in order to create Gizmos, in Unity.

2. OnDrawGizmos()

Lesson 2, OnDrawGizmos()
In order to get your Gizmos to draw we need to take a look at some built-in functions, which Unity provides, so we can see how the process of using Gizmos, starts.

3. More Gizmo

Lesson 3, More Gizmo
Drawing icons with Gizmos is cool and all, but let’s take a look at some more Gizmos types that let us draw other useful gizmos for use when debugging your code.

4. Give Your Gizmos Direction With Rays

Lesson 4, Give Your Gizmos Direction With Rays
You’ll often find that when developing motion type code, you use a lot of vectors and directions to move things around. Any time you are doing vector math, it is always a good idea to utilize Gizmo lines and rays to visually see what your math is doing

5. Fancy Icons

Lesson 5, Fancy Icons
Let’s take a look at drawing icons in a bit different way using the built-in Gizmos class. Just another way to give more power to your visual debugging and tools development.

6. Controlling The Matrix

Lesson 6, Controlling The Matrix
In order for your vector math to work in relation to the object you are working on, we need to learn how the Gizmo Matrix works and how to transpose our vectors from local to world space.