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Procedural Gutter Grate
Course Description
Look ma, you like my gutter grate? It’s built entirely from Substance. Learn how to build shapes and composite details like bolts with depth. Finish off your texture by adding color, roughness, metallic, and height maps.
Course Details
Difficulty: Intermediate
Total Lessons: 3 Lessons
Running Time: 41:44
Software: Substance Designer 5.3.0
Date: 11/11/15
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File Name: GaTu_Substance_GutterGrate.ZIP
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Complete Substance source material for you to use in your own 3D projects. If it's in the video it's in the source!
Course Lessons

1. Building Base Shapes

Lesson 1, Building Base Shapes
If you want to become good at creating procedural texture, it is imperative that a solid understanding of shape building is acquired. Lesson 1 will walk us through the process of building up the base shapes for our gutter texture.

2. Building a Bolt Shape

Lesson 2, Building a Bolt Shape
For our Gutter texture we are going to want to add some bolts to the corners of the main shape. In this lesson we are going to cover the techniques used to create the bolt shape and height.

3. Adding Color and Final Textures

Lesson 3, Completing the Rocks and Pebbles
To conclude this course we are going to walk through the process of adding color and completing our Roughness, Metallic and Height maps.