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Procedural Painted Brick
Course Description
The Hand Painted Brick course walks you through the process of creating a procedural texture that has that hand painted artistic look to it. We will walk through the process of creating the brush stroke pattern and also show you how to build up the Brick shapes using height and shape.
Course Details
Difficulty: Intermediate
Total Lessons: 4 Lessons
Running Time: 48:52
Software: Substance Designer 5.3.0
Date: 11/13/15
Course Files
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File Name: Gatu_Substance_PaintedBrick.ZIP
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Complete Substance source material for you to use in your own 3D projects. If it's in the video it's in the source!
Course Lessons

1. Building Brick Shapes

Lesson 1, Building Brick Shapes
When working on a completely custom substance texture, it is always a good idea to begin with your height and shape. Since we have no high res model to work from we must model our shapes in Substance. This lesson is dedicated to that process and will show you different techniques to achieve our brick pattern.

2. Brush Stroke Pattern

Lesson 2, Brush Stroke Pattern
Lesson 2 reveals the techniques used in creating a brush stroke like pattern inside of Substance Designer. The techniques described in this lesson will give you the power to venture into creating your own varied brush stroke patterns for your own hand painted textures.

3. Creating Brick Spots

Lesson 3, Creating Brick Spots
In this quick lesson we will cover the techniques used in creating the holes and spots one often sees in brick patterns.

4. Adding in Color

Lesson 4, Adding in Color
To conclude this course, we will add in some basic color to our texture. Since this is a more cartoony texture we don’t need a ton of details, and so this lesson is quite quick but important.