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Procedural Guard Tower
Course Description
Getting more familiar with Houdini takes time, and practice. Throughout this course we will create a procedural Guard Tower that will demonstrate some more intermediate techniques such as Expressions, copy stamping, and uv’s in Houdini. By the end of this course you will have a fully functional Guard Tower that can be used in your real time applications.
Course Details
Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Modeling
Total Lessons: 6
Running Time: 1 hour 44 minutes
Date: 06/01/14
Course Files
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Complete Houdini OTL and HIPNC source files for all assets created during the course.
Course Lessons

1. Getting Our Scene Ready

Lesson 1, Getting Our Scene Ready
Let’s get a few things out of the way before we start to dive into the real construction of the Guard Tower. We will get our first few nodes prepared and create an OTL that we can work within.

2. Building The Tower Floors

Lesson 2, Building The Tower Floors
Now that our scene is ready to go, let’s start to build out the base floors for the Guard Tower. Throughout this lesson we will utilize procedural techniques in order to make our procedural model efficient.

3. Building The Tower Walkway

Lesson 3, Building The Tower Walkway
In this lesson we will dive a bit deeper and start to look at ways we can build proceduralism in the Guard walkway.

4. Building The Guard House

Lesson 4, Building The Guard House
A Guard Tower wouldn’t be a Guard Tower without the Guard House. We are going to look at ways in which we can build out the Exterior and Interior of the Guard house, to allow other users, to tweak the properties of things like the wall thickens and window count and placement.

5. Adding The Lower Door

Lesson 5, Adding The Lower Door
With our Guard tower asset fully fleshed in lets add on a secondary detail such as the door at the bottom of the whole Tower. We will take a look at how we can give users the ability to decide which side the door should be on as well as the doors dimensions.

6. Completing The Guard Tower

Lesson 6, Completing The Guard Tower
To wrap up the Procedural Guard Tower course, we will clean up the graph, create some groups of common types of geometry and give the model some color.