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Procedural Foundation Courses
This section of courses will take you through the process of getting up and running with procedural content creation techniques, and how to use off the shelf applications to help you develop procedural assets in your game.
Track 1

1. Getting Cozy with Houdini

Beginner | 5 Lessons | 55:06
In this introductory course we will take our first looks at the Houdini interface. We will learn how to use the shelf, how to make very basic models, and how we can tweak parameters to create quick variations.

2. Intro to Procedural Modeling

Beginner | 9 Lessons | 01:45:27
Throughout this course we will introduce crucial modeling information such as Houdini primitives, grouping, curves and more. After, we will put our understanding to the test and build a procedural staircase.

3. Building User Interfaces for Smart Assets

Beginner | 5 Lessons | 40:41
Houdini not only gives us the power to create procedural models, it also gives us the tools to build custom interfaces that anyone can use to create variation. Add a custom interface to your procedural staircase.
Track 2

4. Installing the Houdini Engine

Beginner | 3 Lessons | 15:48
Houdini, widely known in the movie industry, has branched out to games with the Houdini Engine. In this course we walk you through the non-intuitive process of installing the Houdini Engine and what to be aware of.

5. Getting Cozy with the Houdini Engine

Beginner | 9 Lessons | 01:49:30
Put your programming weapons down and settle up next to your favorite arcade game. Learn the fundamentals of the the Houdini engine and how, without programming, you can develop live procedural assets.
Track 3

6. Intro to Procedural Asset Creation

Beginner | 8 Lessons | 01:33:12
The combination of Houdini, Substance, and Unity creates a very powerful non-destructive pipeline. Using all three applications we learn how to build a simple procedural skate ramp that can be manipulated in Unity.

7. Procedural UV Node

Beginner | 1 Lesson | 21:06
Are you still using your hand, to layout UV’s? This powerful dynamic node allows Houdini content creators to dynamically create UV’s as their Houdini asset or model changes form.

8. Copy Stamping Node

Beginner | 1 Lesson | 16:07
How well do you know your nodes? This powerful node allows content creators to randomize scale, rotation, noise parameters, and anything else you might want to randomize.

Procedural Systems Courses
With a solid foundation in procedurlism for games, it is time to now take your skills to the next level. In this section, of the Houdini for Games Guide, you will learn how to put your procedural skills into practice and develop real systems that are immediately applicable to your game development production. Learn how to create relationships between objects, how to write expressions to achieve incredible amount of control and variations, and how to put it all together into a full system.
Track 1

1. Procedural Bookcase

Beginner | 6 Lessons | 01:11:11
Books are like trophies! This Houdini course will take you through the process of constructing a procedural bookcase where users can define the cases width, height, shelf count, and book density.

2. Procedural Guard Tower

Beginner | 6 Lessons | 01:36:53
Through the creation of a procedural guard tower, with a number of variation controls, learn some of Houdini’s more intermediate techniques such as expressions, copy stamping, and how Houdini handles UV’s.
Track 2

3. Intro to Track Building Part 1

Intermediate | 6 Lessons | 02:26:46
Modeling a race track sucks but it doesn’t have to. Learn how to build a basic procedural race track that can be quickly edited to accommodate different, size lanes, edge props and turn offs.

4. Intro to Track Building Part 2

Intermediate | 9 Lessons | 02:11:14
Lights, towers, tires and pits, oh my! Your procedural race track has taken shape but needs a little something. Flush your race track out with procedural props that can be procedurally placed.
Track 3

5. Procedural Hanging Cables

Intermediate | 1 Lesson | 1:02:00
How’s your cable hanging? Detail your game level with procedural hanging cables. Use Houdini, the Houdini Engine, and Unity 5, to create cables that can be well hung in engine

The Next Level
In the final section of the, Houdini for Games Guide, we will start to take a look at building up complex systems, and really dive into some technical treats, that will make you into a procedural super hero! Learn how to build a bridge without having to model a single object and how to create a full-fledged layer based wall system which can be used in just about any game project. Finally we will walk through the process of accessing the programing layer of the Houdini Engine so you can begin to build your own Editor wrappers, to make the procedural workflows even more efficient and artist friendly.
Track 1

1. Expression Bridge

Intermediate | 11 Lessons | 02:41:41
Using expressions with in Houdini learn how to construct a modular two lane suspension bridge. This course will cover all the techniques necessary to make every aspect of our bridge, tweak-able.

2. Terrain Bridge

Intermediate | 10 Lessons | 02:56:36
Take your Houdini skills to the next level with this dynamic course designed to push your knowledge of Houdini expressions. Generate bridges over large gaps in terrain with a single user generated curve.
Track 2

3. Procedural Walls Part 1

Intermediate | 10 Lesson | 2:46:57
Utilizing the Houdini Engine we will learn how to build an extensible wall system that allows for endless configuration inside Unity 5. Change wall heights, add or remove posts, and dynamically snap walls to terrain.

4. Procedural Walls Part 2

Intermediate | 6 Lesson | 2:11:45
Picking up where Creating Walls Part 1 left off we will add doors to our walls, place procedural ground debris around the perimeter of the wall, and create materials as well as dynamic collision meshes for use in Unity 5.
Track 3

5. Intro to the Houdini Engine API

Intermediate | 8 Lessons | 56:19
So how much control do we have over our Houdini assets inside of Unity? In short, complete control. Save countless hours sifting through undocumented code to get scriptable insights into how Houdini assets can be used.