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Expression Bridge
Course Description
The Expression Bridge course will take you through the process of building out a modular two lane suspension bridge. We will cover the techniques necessary to make every aspect of the bridge as tweak-able as possible. This includes being able to change the road width, amount of bridge towers, sidewalks, fences, etc. By the end of this course you will have learned the necessary expressions needed to build out any complex Procedural asset in Houdini.
Course Details
Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Modeling
Total Lessons: 10
Running Time: 02:41:41
Date: 7/18/14
Course Files
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Complete Houdini OTL and HIPNC source files for all assets created during the course.
Course Lessons

1. Getting our Work Environment Setup

With any Procedural asset we create in Houdini, we always need to make sure we set up our Work environment first, so we can develop the asset’s user interface along with the development of the graph.

2. Getting the Arc in the Bridge

Now that we have our work environment set up let’s take a look at using the user defined path, to generate the arc of the bridge, commonly seen in large suspension bridges.

3. Developing the Roads

In this lesson we are going to begin the process of setting up the lanes of roads, so we have control over their width and the separation between them. By the end of this lesson we will have a nice two lane roadway, with a divider in the middle, complete with tweak-able sliders.

4. Adding the Sidewalks

With the roads in place, let’s utilize the road geometry to procedurally place the sidewalks for the bridge.

5. Creating the Lower Support Structures

Our Bridge wouldn’t be a bridge if it wasn’t supported by anything underneath. In this lesson we will take a look at a couple more expressions and techniques that give us the power to place the supports on any type of terrain.

6. Creating the Towers

In this lesson we will take a look at ways in which we can create the towers of our bridge and give them some decorative elements.

7. Creating the Main Cables

Now we get into some of the more complex structures of our bridge, the cables. We will cover how we can produce realistic looking suspension bridge, cables, using a little bit of math and the VOPSOP.

8. Creating the Vertical Cables

With our Main cables set up we have all the information we need in order to produce the vertical cables for our bridge. Lets take a look at a couple techniques that allows us to utilize information we have already created to produce these cables.

9. Creating Support Beams

Any CG bridge wouldn’t be a bridge if we didn’t include some sort of support beams. This lesson will show you how we can quickly create this effect for our bridge.

10. Clean up and Conclusion

For the conclusion of our Expression bridge course, we will debug our bridge, fix up the user interface a bit more, and just make sure everything is working the way we want.