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Building User Interfaces For Smart Assets
Course Description
Houdini gives us the power to create amazing procedural models, but we can also give these procedural models / assets, a user interface that allows anyone to use your procedural asset and create many variations from the one procedural asset.
Course Details
Difficulty: Beginner
Category: Modeling
Total Lessons: 5
Running Time: 40:04
Date: 7/16/14
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Complete Houdini OTL and HIPNC source files for all assets created during the course.
Course Lessons

1. Bundle up Nodes

Lesson 1, Bundle up Nodes
To start the process of creating a flexible procedural asset, we will learn how to create a Digital Asset inside of Houdini, to bundle up all of the nodes in our staircase model.

2. Basics of Digital Asset GUI

Lesson 2, Basics of Digital Asset GUI
With our procedural staircase bundled up and packaged up into an OTL, let’s take a look at how the creation of user interface elements work, inside of Houdini.

3. Creating Toggle Functionality

Lesson 3, Creating Toggle Functionality
Toggle buttons come into play when you want to switch out variations and give more options to the user, using your procedural asset.

4. Fancy Ramps

Lesson 4, Fancy Ramps
One of the more advanced features of Digital Asset GUI, is the ability to provide users a ramp to create modifications over the length of the ramp.

5. Importing OTL’s

Lesson 5, Importing OTL’s
In this lesson we are going to take a look at how to import your digital assets / OTL’s into a fresh Houdini scene.