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Procedural Hanging Cables
Course Description
In this GaTu Itty Bitty we are going to cover the creation of Procedural Hanging Cables, an asset that is used in almost every Sci-Fi game out there. Even if it isn’t a Sci-Fi Cable, you will find cables that need to be placed into game environments. This GaTu Itty Bitty will show you how create procedural cables for use inside Unity 5.
Course Details
Difficulty: Intermediate
Total Lessons: 1 Lesson
Running Time: 1:02:00
Date: 6/03/15
Course Files
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File Name: GaTu_HoudiniEngine_IttyBitty_Cables.ZIP
File Size: 3.95 MB
Download both the .OTL Houdini asset and all its textured glory!