How's Your
Cable Hanging?

Using the Houdini Engine learn how to create procedural
cables that can easily be edited in Unity 5

Houdini Engine

Get up to speed fast with the Houdini Engine for Unity.
Learn the basics to get you building live smart assets!

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Houdini Engine

Terrain Painter
Houdini Terrain Painter for Unity

Houdini Engine | Intermediate | 8 Lesson | 1:51:24
Ditching Unity Terrain and thinking about developing your own solution? If so this course is for you. Learn how to wield the Houdini Engine to paint height, vertex colors, and apply smoothing inside of Unity.
Procedural Architecture Creating Walls Part 2
Procedural Walls Part 2

Houdini Engine | Intermediate | 6 Lesson | 2:11:45
Picking up where Creating Walls Part 1 left off we will add doors to our walls, place procedural ground debris around the perimeter of the wall, and create materials as well as dynamic collision meshes for use in Unity 5.
Procedural Architecture Creating Walls Part 1
Procedural Walls Part 1

Houdini Engine | Intermediate | 10 Lesson | 2:46:57
Utilizing the Houdini Engine we will learn how to build an extensible wall system that allows for endless configuration inside Unity 5. Change wall heights, add or remove posts, and dynamically snap walls to terrain.
Intro To The Houdini Engine API
Intro To The Houdini Engine API

Houdini + Unity | Intermediate | 8 Lessons | 56:19
So how much control do we have over our Houdini assets inside of Unity? In short, complete control. Save countless hours sifting through undocumented code to get scriptable insights into how Houdini assets can be used.
Intro To Procedural Asset Creation
Intro To Procedural Asset Creation

Houdini + Unity | Beginner | 8 Lessons | 01:33:12
The combination of Houdini, Substance, and Unity creates a very powerful non-destructive pipeline. Using all three applications we learn how to build a simple procedural skate ramp that can be manipulated in Unity.
Installing The Houdini Engine
Installing The Houdini Engine

Houdini + Unity | Beginner | 3 Lessons | 15:48
Houdini, widely known in the movie industry, has branched out to games with the Houdini Engine. In this course we walk you through the non-intuitive process of installing the Houdini Engine and what to be aware of.
Getting Cozy With The Houdini Engine
Getting Cozy With The Houdini Engine

Houdini + Unity | Beginner | 9 Lessons | 01:49:30
Put your programming weapons down and settle up next to your favorite arcade game. Learn the fundamentals of the the Houdini engine and how, without programming, you can develop live procedural assets.
Procedural Cables
Procedural Hanging Cables

Houdini Engine | Intermediate | 1 Lesson | 1:02:00
How’s your cable hanging? Detail your game level with procedural hanging cables. Use Houdini, the Houdini Engine, and Unity 5, to create cables that can be well hung in engine.