Procedural Game Development

Procedural game development is a great way create and generate assets for games. Gametutor offers a number of different tutorials that will help developers understand best procedural development techniques and procedural development practices.


Lots of developers are using procedural development to generate large amounts of procedural content. Procedural games can offer procedural variation that other games cant. Learn how to develop procedural games and assets online at Gametutor.

"A challenge we have with the Engine is educating the game development community about the power it can give them. Gametutor does a fantastic job teaching beginner and advanced developers how to bring Houdini's strengths to their projects. It truly is an invaluable resource."

− Judith Crow, Senior Production Consultant at SideFX

"Adopting a new pipeline in a studio can be a challenge. With Gametutor, you will have your team members up and running, creating procedural assets, in no time. Their training takes you through all the aspects of inserting the Engine, into your content creation pipeline."

− John Courte, Senior Production Consultant at SideFX

"It’s great to have such a dedicated teaching resource online for the game development community. We are looking forward to their Substance Painter tutorials. A definite must watch series for the serious game developer."

− Alexis Khouri, VP Strategy & Sales at ALLEGORITHMIC